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Constant, controlled particle collection at all levels of battery manufacturing.

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Built for the world’s most 
exacting environments

Designed to integrate into microenvironments where battery cells are exposed and produced, Vault Stationary ensures continuous and efficient purification, maintaining the pristine conditions required for optimal battery cell production.

Scalable integration

Vault Stationary operates efficiently in microenvironments or as part of larger systems. It seamlessly fits into existing infrastructure without extensive retrofitting.

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Microenvironment precision

Compact enough to fit almost anywhere, Vault Stationary ensures that even the smallest and most sensitive production areas are kept free from contaminants.

Hot swap canisters

Vault’s revolutionary hot-swappable canisters enable continuous particle removal without production interruptions.

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Why Vault Stationary?

Efficient Operation

As a decentralized system, Vault reduces losses from long-distance air pumping and air drying.

Safe for staff

Vault significantly mitigates workplace risks related to active raw material exposure.

Enhanced material recovery

Recapture and repurpose valuable materials typically squandered during decontamination processes.

Tech Specs

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