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Our dry-cleaning technology is the future of battery manufacturing. Focusing on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, we maintain the dew point within specifications while ensuring the highest production standards. Our approach, grounded in cutting-edge research and development, sets a new standard in battery factory operations, driving the industry towards higher performance and environmental responsibility.

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We aim to empower the battery manufacturing industry and its value chains for a sustainable energy future. We are transforming the landscape with innovative cleaning solutions and material recovery, creating a closed-loop system. We are committed to elevating production, championing success, and thriving with the industry.

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The Team

Arelys Sosa.jpg

Arelys Sosa

CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas Tingelöf.jpg

Thomas Tingelöf

CTO & Co-Founder

Kent Moore.jpg

Kent Moore

Chief Commercial Officer

Anna Sheridan.jpg

Anna Sheridan

Communications Specialist


Jimmie Jonnor

Mechatronics Engineer

Awards & Grants

Venture Cup
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