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Reduce the need for human intervention in restricted and highly contaminated areas.

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Works where people shouldn’t

Vault Autonomous perform tasks with high precision and minimal oversight—all managed from a safe distance.

Precise cleaning

Advanced sensor technology allows Vault to maneuver and clean highly restricted areas without compromising the integrity of the area or risking further contamination.

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Always-on decontamination

Vault monitors and operates continuously, ensuring that restricted areas remain consistently clean.

Quality assurance

Vault can monitor data, measure contamination levels, and report findings before your team enters a space.

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Why Vault Autonomous?

Reduced downtime

Automated cleaning with Vault minimizes manual cleaning and drives uninterrupted production processes.

Safe for staff

Vault ensures that any necessary human intervention is well-informed and safe.

Built for scale

With a modular, customizable design, Vault easily integrates into various operational scales, from small spaces to large industrial areas.

Tech Specs

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