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Clean any surface and capture every particle.

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No surface is beyond reach

Combining a ride-on sweeper and portable vacuum pack, Vault Mobile enables safe, efficient cleaning and material recovery across floors, walls, ceilings, and hard-to-reach corners.


Leveraging DREV’s dry-brush technology, 
the sweeper swiftly cleans large floor areas without water or solvents.

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Vault pack enables workers to clean vertical and overhead surfaces more safely and efficiently than traditional cleaning tools.


At the core of both the sweeper and pack, you’ll find DREV’s groundbreaking canister. Constructed from non-reactive, cleanroom-grade materials and equipped with a variety of sensors, the canister enables unprecedented particulate capture and recovery.

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Why Vault Mobile?

Safe for facilities

Walls, ceilings, and ducting in large industrial environments. Vault Portable allow workers to effectively clean areas that are otherwise inaccessible with traditional cleaning tools.

Safe for staff

Vault significantly mitigates workplace risks related to hazardous and active raw material exposure. By removing microparticles from floors, DREV also eliminates slipping hazards.

Safe for planet

Vault reduces solvent use, streamlines wastewater management, and creates new opportunities for material recycling.

One technology. 
Multiple applications

Tech Specs

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